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Training a bird to talk and be sweet takes a special bird to begin with.

Tons of videos of talking birds, parrots and cockatoos.


What type of Parrot is Marnie?

This site is all about Marnie, the Blue Indian Ringneck Parrot. Marnie debuted to the public in the YouTube video 'Parrot Wants Kiss from Cockatiel'. Marnie definitely has his own ideas on how to relate to the world. He is a natural charmer, a polite cassanova who is not shy to ask for what he wants...which is often a kiss! And he likes to have fun! It has been said that Marnie sounds something like Piccachu, Elmo or some other television character. Yet Marnie is not imitating any of them. His voice is his own sound.

Marnie is a blue mutation of an indian ringneck parakeet, which is a bright green in the wild. Because of their hooked beak and long tail, and their small size, they are classified as a parakeet, but are true parrots. Avian Web.com has comprehensive information about these beautiful birds.


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